Hi there!  I’m Hayley, author of the blog “Hills Homestead”….

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and we live on a small property in the hills (in Australia).

I AM FROM piles of washing on the dining table, needing to be cleared every evening for tea,

from bees in the garden and honey, and a house cow and fresh raw milk every morning.

I am from a home nestled in the side of a hill, family as neighbours, and apple trees

from children building hideouts and falling off bikes, to playing in ‘Lilly Valley’ and cousins and picnics on the grass.

I am from the land of small market gardeners, cabbages and cauliflowers, red currents and cherries.

From kefir and sourdough, to birthday cakes and meringue,

from grass-fed beef and earthy potatoes, to freshly caught fish and hot red Thai chicken.

The steep hills for running, the sunrises for seeing, the buckets of fruit in season for eating, the scattered toys and captured skinks for playing.

The jam for the roadside stall, the massive meals for family and friends, the fresh muffins for sharing, the daily bread for our living.

I’M ORIGINALLY FROM acres of pickles and 2 bedroom cottages,

from huge Christmas and birthday celebrations, and french toast for breakfast.

I’m from macoroni & cheese every Thursday, to Sunday roasts with family and friends,

from church every week, to music and a tree house, and dancing in the rain,

from strangers in houses, and open armed hospitality, to homemade tomato sauce and cosy bedrooms made our own,

from sisters and camping outback, to beaches and back to family…

I’M FROM ‘you look like your mother’ and ‘you can be anything you want to be’

and growing up knowing unconditional love and feeling beautiful.

I’m from Bible readings and brunches and watching sunrises over Easter,

from more rolling hills and desert Australia

and from packed lunches and pumpkin soup.

FROM  unexpected loss of a mother,

and bravery, pain, heartache, and moments that catch in your throat,

to treasuring the next generation, children breathing and chatting and playing UNO over and over and over!

From worry and fear, to a partner’s prayers and their holding,

from watching and waiting, wanting to hide and sleepless nights,

to constant love and always deeply knowing, clutching onto His Promises.

From together momentos on the wall, photos of laughing on the fridge, and houseboat memories in the heart,

to quotes pinned over home “People, friends and family may forget what I say, BUT they will never forget how I made them feel”

From “Don’t say anything unkind, unneccessary, or unhelpful” to

“Grace, Gratitude & Joy”.

This is where I’m from.

(“I Am From” Poem Template.  Adapted by Levi Romero.  Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon.  Seen on Ann Voscamp’s website “A Holy Experience”)

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Hills Homestead is featured on GNOWFLGINS website
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Click here to view more photos and a written interview with ‘Hills Homestead’ ….  and enjoy the following snapshots in and around our property …..

2012-09-15_956MarionBayCamping OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

kefir Afternoon snacks - Mandarines from our tree

I'll mill it in my Thermomix to make bread
I’ll mill it in my Thermomix to make bread

raw milk outdoor play 2012 Turkey chick 1 Turkey Chick 4 Turkey chick 5 Turkey Chick 7

  Fresh Eggs

Hills Homestead is featured on GNOWFLGINS website    See here for more photos and detail regarding our ‘Hills Homestead’ and our gradual quest to become more self sufficient.

signed - hayley @ hills homestead


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