Look what was delivered today!!!!

001 Raw Chocolate delivery

Is this normal??  To get this excited over a food delivery??  It’s just that it’s my first bulk order of coconut oil (which I use for everything – from eczema to lip gloss to peppermint creams coated in dark chocolate and cooking)

and my first EVER order of Cacao Beans.  All from lovingearth .  Loving Earth is a Melbourne-based company that are dedicated to distributing products that are  ….





  • They are sugar, dairy and gluten free.
  • Are minimally processed, with low temperatures where possible.
  • There are no artificial additives to any of the products.
  • Our focus is to source and develop products that are in their optimal nutritional
  •  state.
  • Produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides and
  • herbicides.
  • Cultivated in such a way as to help restore native ecosystems, prevent erosion and
  • support water conservation.
  • Use traditional permaculture systems and where possible are shade grown using
  •  native canopy species.
  • Are produced according to Fair Trade standards, that involve producers and
  •  workers being paid not only a fair price,
  •  but also being empowered with the skills and infrastructure to add as much value
  •  to the raw products as possible.
  • Create healthy environments in which producers and their families live and work.
  • Re-invest in community infrastructure such as educational, health and other
  •  essential services.   See lovingearth website for more information...

Oh, and they are delivering for FREE all over Australia in Jan 2013!!!

I can’t wait to share some of the new recipes that I’m going to trial using Cacao Beans, Coconut Oil, Vanilla Powder, and the Agave Syrup!!



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