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“T-Rex” our Turkey chick


“T-Rex” is the latest edition to our family.  He found it difficult and was slower hatching out of his egg than his 25 brothers and sisters, so my husband kept him warm in the incubator, and he survived!   He now goes outside with the kids to play, to get some spring sunshine, and to peck around the grass and eat bugs.  He has a Duplo home built for him in the sandpit, he gets carted around in the tipper truck, my 3rd born (son) turns his hooded top around and pops T-Rex into the hood and goes about his business – riding on his bike, jumping on the trampoline, digging in the garden.   T-Rex wanders around after the children and does not seem to mind all the attention.  We have him inside under lights overnight to keep him warm.


I tried to tell the kids that T-Rex is actually a ‘poult’, not a chick, but they don’t agree that that matches our turkey.

Now, the kids named our ‘poult’  “T-Rex” because “T” is for Turkey, and “Rex”, well they liked this as a pet name!  I think he’s named “T-Rex” because when he gets older he is not going to be as cute anymore!!!   Grown turkeys do look somewhat similar to the usual “Tyrannosaurus Rex”   ???!!!!

This morning already he has sat on my son’s lap digging in the sandpit, climbed the clay cliff next to the clothes line (on my son’s head!), been chased by my 15month old (I’m sure T-Rex will chase him back when he’s fully grown!), and had a peck around our lawn and garden.



Enjoy your week!