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Free Printable / Desktop Background for the week – Psalm 9

I do love taking photos.

I love God’s creation.

I put my photos/verses onto USB and get them developed (for 15cents), then stick them onto cards for people.

I also stick them all over my study.

I right click on the photo and click on ‘desktop background’ and have a verse right there on my computer screen each week to memorise.

I function better when God’s Word is all around me, infiltrating my life.

This is mine for the week…

Picture and text …..  click to open, right click to ‘Save As’, pop it onto a USB and the photo/verse card can then be developed (or you could print on home printer – it would use lots of ink though!!!)


Text only …. click to open, right click ‘Save As’ and print.

Psalm 9 – text only verse

My ‘1000 Gifts’ list continues …..   ( I was inspired to hand write my own list of gifts by Ann Voscamp and her amazing book “One Thousand Gifts” – thank you for the book Karen!)

693.  A 3 year old singing “Huppy Bird-day TO me” around the cake…

694.  Pink Spring Roses – 8 year old asking “ohhhh, mum can I put some in my room, it will smell BEAUTIFUL and it will remind me of Nan”…

695.  Sharing bread and curry with friends, hospitality blesses …

696.  Dishwasher working while I type …

697.  3 loads of laundry dry in the sun today before rain tomorrow!…

698.  Cool gully breeze

699.  Wow, 17 eggs today, collected by 4 year old in an old tissue box

700.  Friends like Amy 🙂