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I’ve never seen this before… have you?



BEES SWARMING!!  My sister saw the bees on her way out of our driveway, and she let us know the bees were there (she knows that my husband is now always on the look out for bees since he bought our first hive a year ago!).  The kids LOVED seeing this amazing orderly mass of bees just hang from a small branch of our plum tree.   We watched the bees zipping in and out of the swarm, obviously still working hard even though they were looking for a new home.   My husband (who, over the last year, has been learning a lot about beekeeping… on YouTube!!) was able to give the branch a quick shake, and most of the bees fell straight down into a box… the rest ‘wandered’ into the box over the next few hours… amazing!   So,  we’re going to need to build another hive for them!!  We’re looking forward to all of this beautiful honey again soon.

Our bees swarming

Swarm of bees in the plum tree
Swarm of bees in the plum tree – how cool!!