Christmas at Hills Homestead

We are having Christmas lunch in our home with extended family this year, and the children and I have been busy with decorating and baking and putting together homemade / homegrown gifts.

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Some of the gifts this year ….

  1. Home grown cherries – our tree was laden this year with rich red cherries!!
  2. Raspberry Couli and Raspberry Jams – this is our 2nd year having raspberry bushes and the kids loved picking them – (and eating 1/2 of them!).  ‘Child Picked’ raspberries are perfect for couli or jam as they are a bit squished!!  I picked some ‘non squished’ raspberries to put on top of our pavlova tomorrow.
  3. Free range eggs – we get about a dozen eggs a day, too many to sell and people love getting fresh eggs (or they say they do anyway!!)
  4. Homemade Vanilla Extract – I’ve now posted the recipe  – I started it about 6 months ago, and it’s now ready to put into little jars for gifts.  It’s too easy, and I wish I’d started making my own vanilla extract years ago!!  It’s basically just vodka and vanilla beans in a bottle.  You leave it in the pantry and give it a gentle shake every day for a while, then every week or so…. not too much effort, cost effective, and so much healthier and nicer that vanilla flavour/essence …
  5. Kefir grains – for people I know are interested in getting more probiotics into their diets, I’ve popped some kefir grains and printed out my ‘Kefir Daily Routine’ for their gift.
  6. Gingerbread – last night I did 3 batches of this gingerbread recipe in my thermomix, had it in the fridge overnight, and this morning it’s ready for the kids to make gingerbread angels, stars and hearts.
  7. We are also making these little packages to put as table settings tomorrow.

 Thank you Ann Voscamp at A Holy Experience for the envelope template.  The packages will be folded and tied with red ribbon, and the verse below will be inside.

“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son,

and they will call Him


which means “God with us”


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One thought on “Christmas at Hills Homestead”

  1. Wow Hayley, such beautiful gifts, you are so creative. I hope you all had a lovely day on Tuesday

    Janet xxx

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