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Slowly but surely... making changes to real food, simple living... trying to consume less and produce more to be as self sufficient as we can!... with the help of my amazing farmer husband and beautiful children - Honey, Giggles, Chewy and Lance!...(have you read The Treasure Tree?) xxxx

Free Printable / Desktop Background for the week – Psalm 9

I do love taking photos.

I love God’s creation.

I put my photos/verses onto USB and get them developed (for 15cents), then stick them onto cards for people.

I also stick them all over my study.

I right click on the photo and click on ‘desktop background’ and have a verse right there on my computer screen each week to memorise.

I function better when God’s Word is all around me, infiltrating my life.

This is mine for the week…

Picture and text …..  click to open, right click to ‘Save As’, pop it onto a USB and the photo/verse card can then be developed (or you could print on home printer – it would use lots of ink though!!!)


Text only …. click to open, right click ‘Save As’ and print.

Psalm 9 – text only verse

My ‘1000 Gifts’ list continues …..   ( I was inspired to hand write my own list of gifts by Ann Voscamp and her amazing book “One Thousand Gifts” – thank you for the book Karen!)

693.  A 3 year old singing “Huppy Bird-day TO me” around the cake…

694.  Pink Spring Roses – 8 year old asking “ohhhh, mum can I put some in my room, it will smell BEAUTIFUL and it will remind me of Nan”…

695.  Sharing bread and curry with friends, hospitality blesses …

696.  Dishwasher working while I type …

697.  3 loads of laundry dry in the sun today before rain tomorrow!…

698.  Cool gully breeze

699.  Wow, 17 eggs today, collected by 4 year old in an old tissue box

700.  Friends like Amy 🙂



I’ve never seen this before… have you?



BEES SWARMING!!  My sister saw the bees on her way out of our driveway, and she let us know the bees were there (she knows that my husband is now always on the look out for bees since he bought our first hive a year ago!).  The kids LOVED seeing this amazing orderly mass of bees just hang from a small branch of our plum tree.   We watched the bees zipping in and out of the swarm, obviously still working hard even though they were looking for a new home.   My husband (who, over the last year, has been learning a lot about beekeeping… on YouTube!!) was able to give the branch a quick shake, and most of the bees fell straight down into a box… the rest ‘wandered’ into the box over the next few hours… amazing!   So,  we’re going to need to build another hive for them!!  We’re looking forward to all of this beautiful honey again soon.

Our bees swarming

Swarm of bees in the plum tree
Swarm of bees in the plum tree – how cool!!




My First Post (still learning the difference between a ‘post’ and a ‘page’!)

Hi everyone!  (Actually, no-one knows I’m here yet, but hopefully I’ll have some ‘followers’ soon, even if it’s just a few enthusiastic family and friends!!!  Please subscribe to me via email if you want… I wont bother you too much!!!)

What I’m going to blog about:

Today’s post – “Why Blog?”

I love scrapbooking, I love documenting children’s milestones, I love journalling, I love taking photos with my new digital camera, I love making things from scratch, I love doing new things with the children, I love it that my husband works so hard and has made so many changes (for the better) to our lifestyle over the last few years, I love trying to be as self sufficient as possible, I love cooking/chopping/mixing/milling/juicing with my ATM (my Amazing Thermo Machine – my Thermomix), I love additive free real food preparation,   …. so why not share this stuff online with others who may be interested in the same things?

My main way of communicating is most likely going to be via pictures – as photography is what I love – and what I’ve loved about other blogs is THEIR pictures and ‘step by step’ instructions.

Hills Homestead is featured on GNOWFLGINS website
Farm Tours from all over the world

AND, what better way to start off a blog than by being featured on one of my favourite blogs!!!!!!!!!!!  


      Please have a ‘tour’ of our homestead,  and visit  GNOWFGLINS for photos and the ‘interview’.


Addit:  (We use this in hospital documentation when you’ve written in the casenotes, and you THEN receive a phone call regarding that patient, or you forgot something!,  or the patient changes their mind about the plan, etc.  It means ‘additionally’, or ‘just another thing’!!)

  • I love this post from Facebook regarding the ‘Lego Pain Scale’ – I understand, and I’m sure you other mum’s out there do too!!!
  • And did I mention, I’m really excited about this stainless steel milking bucket I’ve ordered from Ozfarmer.  It hasn’t arrived yet, but will any day, and it will make it easier to get the milk bucket clean and better for hygiene.

AND, I’ve just bought this amazing real food living ebook bundle ($300 worth for $29) – it’s the last day today it’s on offer.  It has some of my favourite ebooks in the bundle  … the Sourdough ebook, Real Food on a Real Budget, Herbal Rescue and Simple Living…. soooooo many!

Bye for now,